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Health Professions Education Certificate

The Certificate in Health Professions Education (HPE) is designed to meet the needs of professionals looking to apply educational knowledge and skills in educational health care settings. The program is a joint offering from the School of Medicine (SoM) in the Health Science Center and the Educational Psychology program in the College of Education and Human Services (CEHS).

The HPE Certificate is designed for health professionals who:

  • are looking to move into a new career as health care educators
  • may desire educational knowledge and skills in their present fields
  • are in or are preparing for educational leadership positions, but may lack formal training in education.

This program will provide a foundation in the theory and practice of how people learning, systematic design of instruction, educational research, and educational program evaluation.

Program Features

The program consists of:

  • Completing an online orientation module before taking any courses
  • Developing and revising a Professional Development Plan
  • Completing four courses in Educational Psychology
  • Posting to an online portfolio site major course products, one of which is an educational plan and its evaluation for a health care setting

Learning Outcomes

Students in the HPE Certificate will learn how to:

  1. Use a systematic process to conduct a needs assessment of learners in healthcare education, design educational interventions and materials, and integrate emerging technologies.
  2. Design face-to-face, blended, and online learning environments incorporating research-based learning principles that address teaching and assessment decisions.
  3. Evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness, and appeal of healthcare learning environments.
  4. Design studies and disseminate impacts of designed learning environments to prepare healthcare professionals to translate skills and knowledge for the benefit of patient care and healthcare systems.
  5. Develop an educational intervention plan for a healthcare environment.

Admission Requirements

Students must complete the WVU Graduate Student Admission Application online, as a non-degree student. To do so, please select "CG34 - Non-Degree Certificate" during the application process.

Note to international graduate student applicants: Learn more about the application process for international students.

The University stipulates that no more than 6 credits earned toward the certificate may be applied to another degree. No course substitutions or transfer credits are accepted for this certificate.

To be admitted as a non-degree student, a student must present evidence of a baccalaureate degree by submitting a transcript during the application process.

The applications will be reviewed by the School of Medicine and Educational Psychology faculty.

Program Requirements

To earn the Certificate in Health Professions Education, a student must complete the following:

  • Required Online Orientation Module

    This online “Orientation to HPE” module provides an overview of the Certificate program, opportunities in the HPE field, and educational/medical education terminology. This module, housed on Health Science’s SOLE platform , must be completed before or during the first semester in which a course is taken.

  • Professional Development Plan

    This written document helps to identify a student’s HPE career interests and goals, learning products developed through each course, and how each product meets the student’s career goals. This plan must be posted on the Health Sciences program portfolio site during the first course. The plan will be updated and a course reflection statement will be updated after the completion of each course. The PDP is to be updated after completion of the four courses.

  • Educational Psychology

    The student must also maintain a 3.00 grade point average for the 12 credit hours of course work, a CEHS requirement. This average must be maintained as long as the student is enrolled. The major product from each course will be archived at the program’s portfolio site. The following courses address each of the HPE core content areas for this certificate. Each of the courses is typically offered online, although the exact delivery should be confirmed by checking WVU’s online course schedule.

HPE Core Content Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Semesters Offered
Teaching and Learning EDP 600 Educational Psychology 3 Fall
Curriculum Development EDP 640 Instructional Design 3 Fall
Research Methods EDP 612 Introduction to Research 3 Fall
Evaluation and Assessment Leadership Management EDP 617 Program Evaluation* 3 Summer
View course descriptions on the WVU catalog

Includes capstone educational plan

Capstone experience

An educational plan and a program evaluation plan to address a health care need is developed in EDP 617, Program Evaluation. This plan is archived on the program’s portfolio site.

A program contact in both the School of Medicine and Educational Psychology will review applicants, confirm the completion of the orientation module, review the professional development plan and reflection statements, and review the course products.