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Infant and Toddler Certificate

The Infant/Toddler Certificate is a specialized curriculum designed for child care teachers and providers, Head Start teachers and WVU students who want to obtain this specific body of knowledge and who need specific written recognition for their ability to work with young children birth through three years of age. The specific body of knowledge in infancy and the toddler years satisfies new state and federal mandates that teachers of very young children must have formal recognition of their training with infants and toddlers to obtain and/or maintain employment.

There are 19 hours in the Infant/Toddler Certificate program. This CDFS certificate incorporates the West Virginia core knowledge and core competencies and the West Virginia Early Standards Framework: Infant/Toddler in order to include the most recent requirements set forth by WV agencies responsible for the birth-three years.

The certificate is free standing or can be taken with a degree program.

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