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Frequently Asked Questions

How many are accepted into the counseling program?

We accept approximately 25 students each fall into the program. We usually have 50-60 completed applications that we initially paper screen and then invite up to 40 for interviews in March or April.

Do I have to come for an interview?

We prefer to interview our applicants in person. We have done phone interviews when the circumstances made it impossible for the candidate. When an invitation to interview is received, it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact us with a request for a phone interview.

Can I take the GREs after the interview date?

No. We require the GRE scores as a part of the application process and need the scores in order to consider your application materials.

How important is it that I get a 290 (or 900 on Old Scale Prior to November 2011) or better GRE score?

It is important to meet this requirement as part of the application process. However, we may interview and accept applicants with scores between 280 and 290 (or between 800 and 900 if taken before November 2011) on their GREs since we consider all the information in an applicant’s file in our decision making process. We consider the answers on the application, GPA, work and life experience, and the letters of recommendation when we are doing the paper screening. We also take into consideration barriers to performance on the GRE, such as a disability.

Do I have to have a major in psychology, teaching, or some related field?

A degree in these areas is not required but definitely strengthens your application. Your major is one of many factors that we consider.

Can I go into school counseling even if I have not been a teacher?

You do not have to be certified to teach in order to complete your Master’s degree in school counseling. However, students without an education background complete the 60-hour program plus they have to take six hours of additional course work. We refer to this program as the Alternative School Program.

Can I start part-time and switch to full-time?

Normally we do not allow students to switch from part-time to full-time unless there are extenuating circumstances that did not exist at the start of the program. We accept a few students each year who are planning to complete the entire program on a part time basis because of family, work or other obligations. Part-time students need to be aware that there is a requirement of a full-time 40 hour per week internship at the end of the program.

Can I take many of my classes online or in the evening?

No. Our program is a daytime, on-campus program only.

Are there Graduate Assistantships within the department for students?

No. We have some graduate assistantships that are available through the department but these are limited to research and teaching assignments. As such, our doctoral students typically are hired for those positions.

Where can I get a Graduate Assistantships?

Graduate Assistantships are available in our College and across the University. Special GAs are set up by outside employers as well. For information on the policy and resources go to the WVU Graduate Education website.

Can I start this summer?

We do not offer first semester counseling classes in the summer. You can only start counseling courses in the fall. If you are accepted and want to take the research class, you can talk with the coordinator about possibly taking that course. If you are admitted to the Alternative School Program and want to take the required school curriculum course, you can talk with the school coordinator about that.

How many hours can I transfer in?

You can transfer up to 12 graduate credits from another accredited graduate program. However, these credits are subject to approval by the department based upon the curriculum that is offered in our graduate program. A transient application form must be completed by the student and be accompanied by syllabi from the courses.

Can I do my doctoral work at WVU?

Our doctoral program in Counseling Psychology requires a completed Master’s degree in order to apply. The degrees are separate and require applications based upon the requirements for each individual program. There is no guarantee a WVU Counseling graduate will be admitted into the doctoral program. Normally, they admit 6 students a year and graduates from our program have been successful applicants.

Does the program require a thesis?

We do not require a thesis. However, if you are interested in completing a thesis you can work with our faculty in order to complete one during your Master’s program.

Does WVU still offer weekend programs?

No, not at this time.