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Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology

The Master of Arts Program in Instructional Design and Technology is an online graduate program designed for the individual who wants to apply cutting edge instructional technologies and sound design strategies in any learning setting, including public schools, higher education, and corporate and nonprofit institutions. Thirty (30) credit-hour courses from educational psychology, instructional technology and design, and program evaluation provide the foundation for designing, implementing, and revising educational design and products.

This program is offered entirely online through WVU Online and Extended Campus. The courses will still follow the WVU semester schedule, running 15 weeks over the Fall and Spring semesters and variable length (usually 4-6 weeks) over the summer session.

Application Deadlines:
Deadline for Fall is June 30
Deadline for Spring is November 1
Deadline for Summer is April 1

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Benefits of the program include:

  • In-state tuition for all students regardless of residency,
  • Small classes allowing for increased interaction with faculty and students, and
  • Courses taught by faculty in Educational Psychology and Instructional Design.

Career Opportunities

Jobs for IDT graduates exist in public schools as technology-integration specialists or teachers seeking to earn a masters degree, in institutions developing and managing training programs, and in higher education support groups developing online courses. 

Program of Study

Ten three-credit hour courses provide the settings for designing, implementing, and revising educational design and products and working with real clients. Courses are taught by faculty in IDT, educational psychology, and research methods. IDT faculty have expertise in instructional design, technology integration, online program development, systems design, programming, video, and multimedia.

Upon acceptance, students are assigned an advisor based on their interests and goals. They will subsequently develop a program of study, which is a plan for courses and the development of an educational focus of interest.

Foundations (15 hours)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EDP 612 Introduction to Educational Research 3
EDP 617 Program Evaluation 3
EDP 640 Instructional Design 3
IDT 600 IDT Theories and Models 3
IDT 610 Distance Education 3

IDT Competencies (15 hours with advisor approval)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
IDT 620 Social Network Media 3
IDT 630 Instructional Delivery Systems 3
IDT 640 Visual Literacy 3
IDT 650 Multimedia Learning 3
IDT 655 Technology for Teachers 3
IDT 660 Authoring Systems 3
IDT 665 Game Design for Instruction 3
IDT 675 Teaching/Learning Online 3
IDT 680 Computational Thinking 3
IDT 693[?]* Special topic courses 3
IDT 715 School Networks 3
IDT 720 Instructional Systems Design 3
IDT 735 Technology Integration 3
IDT 740 Design Studio 3
IDT 750 Prototype Studio 3
IDT [???]** Any graduate level IDT course 3

*Courses with 693 designations are special topic courses offered on a limited basis to address the changing nature of the IDT field. They can be offered up to three times and typically during the summer session. You may be able to use several 693 courses for your Program, but all choices must be approved by your advisor.

** Other courses approved by the university curriculum committee will be offered, as needed by the changing IDT field, to augment program content. These courses too may substitute for required courses but all choices must be approved by your advisor.