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Online Teaching Graduate Certificate

Program Description

The Certificate in Online Teaching is designed for individuals who have or anticipate a need to teach in an online setting. This certificate will provide foundational training in the theory and application of tools and techniques needed to take content previously delivered via traditional classroom instruction, select and design corresponding learning activities appropriate for online settings, and deliver the content successfully online.

The program consists of five courses in Instructional Design & Technology and provides participants with real world experience in designing and creating a course within a course management system (CMS). All courses are available online to maximize flexibility for working professionals.

Individuals who successfully complete this certificate program will also have completed six of the thirty graduate credit hours required to earn a Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology, which can be used to further enhance their professional credentials.

Program Features and Requirements

  • 100% online format within the WVU eCampus environment
  • Courses from the College of Education & Human Services Instructional Design & Technology program: Five three-credit hour courses (total of 15 credits) will be utilized to address core content areas within the field of online teaching.
  • Hands-on experience in online course design and creation: The certificate includes a major project in which the student designs and creates a fully functioning online course in eCampus

Admission Requirements

Students can apply to the program online as a non-degree student (CEHS 4597 – Non-Degree Certificate). To be admitted as a non-degree graduate student, a student must present evidence of a baccalaureate degree. Applicants should provide a resumé or C.V., a statement of purpose, two letters of recommendation, and either a writing sample or a GRE or GMAT score.

During the program, the student must maintain a 3.0 grade point average for the 15 credit hours of course work, which corresponds with the level of performance expected of other students in these courses (who are typically earning an MA in Instructional Design & Technology).

Application Deadlines

This program operates under rolling admission deadlines. A completed application must be received at least two weeks prior to the beginning of any given semester, in order to allow adequate time for admissions processing, registration, and textbook purchase.

Required Coursework

Online Teaching Core Content CEHS Course Availability
Theoretical background EDP 640: Instructional Design Fall semester every year
Theoretical background IDT 735: Technology Integration Fall semester every year
Relevant technologies IDT 650: Multimedia learning
IDT 620: Social Network Media
Spring semester every year
Practical applications IDT 610: Distance Education Fall semester every year
Practical applications IDT 675: Online Teaching & Learning Spring semester every year
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Add online teaching skills to your existing teaching repertoire

The delivery of instruction online increased steadily over the past twenty years, and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced many educators to pivot abruptly to emergency remote delivery of traditional face-to-face coursework. The teaching skills needed to design and deliver an effective, efficient online course are significantly different from many of those necessary in a traditional face-to-face setting. Proven competence in teaching online is a valuable asset for educators at all levels in the current environment – consider adding this skillset to your own professional credentials to benefit your students and enhance your own chances for professional advancement.